Is there anyone else out there that is sticking to the older b-bags?

  1. As much as I love some of the new colors to be produced by Balenciaga, I find myself always on the lookout for bags in pristine condition 2005 and older. I do not know if I am "old school Balenciaga" and having a hard time adapting to the gh (which I do think is stunning, just not for me). Anyone else in the same boat? :sad: I am traveling this week to Toronto and plan on looking at the new b-bags at Holts; maybe seeing some in person will change my mind.
  2. I love the look of some styles and color combos with the GH, but I know that the hardware probably isn't for me. I just don't like that much gold in one place. I hear that that there will be giant silver hardware in the fall, so perhaps I will like it better in that color.

    I am constantly looking out for a few specific older colors, which I can't manage to buy. However, I still buy new colors when I find one that suites my wardrobe.
  3. Becca, I'm with you :yes: I love all the colors made in 04, and of course the older, flat-brass styles. Nothing in the current season is catching my eye, and I still think the leather quality of 05 and prior is superior.
  4. Absolutely agree with 'A' slinks :yes: - I'm with you too Becca - I'm still looking out for older, smooshy bbags and I love them much more than the newer collections (especially the leathers but also some colors) :rolleyes: !!
    You're NOT alone with this :love: :girlsigh: !
  5. Hey ladies, i'm also into older bags...till now, i still love those range that have flat brass styles as well those bags with silver hardware (in 02-03) and also those 03-04 bags.....coz their leather is so thick, distressed and smooshy than the newer ones......frankly speaking, i'm still sourcing for older bags (depends on the color i'm lookin for)......:nuts: :nuts:
  6. I am with you girls to on this one. I think the main reason I am not so fond of the GH is they do not have the tassles. I just love that tassle (motorcycle) look! But, I do have to admit the GH bags are the type you have to see IRL, and you have to get the right color. The only bag I will probably get in GH is a natural, it is TDF :heart: . The color goes perfectly with the GH.
  7. I hear ya Becca!!! While I love to ogle and admire bbags from all seasons... I find when it comes to putting down money and buying them - I have only bought pre-loved. I have never bought new from the store. Came close once - when I was gonna buy an 05 pewter from the store, but decided to be good and walked away. LOL.. ran back the next day and it was already gone!

    So anyways... why?? well - at first it was the hunt for the 05 pewter... once that was done it was looking for colour.. and now that I have an 03 in my hands.. the leather is just suuuuuuperb!!!

    I'll be continuing to ogle Balenciaga for quite some time, but I think I'm done purchasing for awhile cuz while I really love the old stuff.. I'm a bit tired of paying WAY above retail. :sad:
  8. I agree with you all ! I love the older colors and leather ( before '05 ) ). I currently do not have any 07 colors, although I think they look very pretty on others but somehow I can't seem to get myself to commit. I'm still searching for older bags !
  9. I'm doing both but prefer the old and am insane, in addition. I had to get vert d'eau, since it is the closest color to seafoam and even 04 turquoise in ages, and probably for a while. This color had really nice leather, for the most part, and I need something for when my old bags eventually have their demise. Since I have kept most everything over time, now I want the new bags, when the leather is nice, for the color and for the difference they offer. I skipped '06 except for rouge vif. But 2004, spring 2005 -- my favorites.
  10. Becca, I used to feel the same way until I got my french blue:love: , the leather is so soft very much like the 2005 leather.
    I think I got my pumpkin twiggy from you off eBay:idea: I love my pumpkin the colour and leather is TDF:love:
  11. i love my 05 bags to death. but i think there are a few 07 bags worth getting. i particularly love the aqua GH in hobo style. for me that's a must have. i think the problem that i have is most of the new colors seem to be a repeat of old colors, or similar. but they do not compare to the originals. nicer leather etc. altho my anthracite's leather is absolutely lovely.
  12. Oh yeah ... you are DEFINITELY not alone on this one!!! I really prefer the older bags (although I must admit, I like the new GH ... but more so on the larger-sized bags as it's more "in proportion").

    The reason why I prefer the older bags, is two-fold:
    1. The COLORS!!! Look at all the wonderful and diverse colors that came out in 2003, 2004 and 2005 (in my opinion - 2004 & 2005 were the apex of Balenciaga!). An exquisite ORANGE/PUMPKIN :drool: , eye-popping REDs :wtf: , fab YELLOWs (Mustard, Marigold and the funky ANIS!), LILAC, ROSE, EGGPLANT ... oh my ... need I go on?!?!
    2. The LEATHER!!! Anyone who has an older bag knows how wonderful the old leather is! While the late '06 and '07 leathers are better than the early '06 leather (uggh), in my opinion, they still don't match the leather of the older bags.
  13. I'm in love with 04 leather so I'm hoping to make it a hobby of mine to collect all the 04 colors in the City or First style (wishful thinking right? ^_^). So far, I only have the Black First and then I just purchased an 04 Turquoise (but I just found out last night that it doesn't come with a shoulder strap. Argh~! I should have read the auction more carefully!)
  14. I am so happy that the beautiful pumpkin twiggy went to a good home! I miss that beauty!!
  15. not for me, i think all of them are beautiful :smile: and the new colors that has been produced has been simliar to the older colors!! love them all!!