Is there anymore red medium classic flap (caviar)out there????

  1. My SA from Neiman Marcus told me there's no more medium classic flap(caviar) in stock beside the black one.:crybaby: I would like to get a red medium flap before the increase. Blue is ok too. Anything but black and white.

    I haven't had the chance to call Chanel 1-800 number yet. I've been busy. I'll probably call this Monday or something. I'm anxiously waiting till it's Monday.

    Is red/other colors that hard to find??? Any suggestions ladies??? How does ordering over the phone/out-of-state work? Will the bag be in a good condition once it arrive? I just hate to have it order, and once i receive the bag, i might return it because of the flaws.
  2. The red are all gone. You might be able to find a blue or grey one. I have seen pink recently at NM (though can't recall if it was caviar) so you might check w another SA. You might check the thread on SA's we want to support and get the name of an SA in California or Las Vegas. That way you can make certain your SA will look out for you and get you a good bag.
  3. i saw pink caviar classic flap at NM copley Boston..