is there anymore EGC from SAKS, NM, or NDS

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  1. Hi girls:

    I missed the EGC from Saks, I want to wait for the last day but for some reason i missed it. I have two bags that I really want, since it will save me lot of money so I want to know if anyone knows if there will be another EGC from NM, Saks or Nordstorms. thanks
  2. Nothing now, probably, but watch thie shopping subforum. The posters to the Purse Forum know way earlier than the SAs from the stores!
  3. It seems that Saks is now excluding CHANEL and many designers from now on at EGC.....i think its gonna kill their sales....not a bright move!
  4. People who have done Saks egc - when/how do you get your certificate? I did a charge send and my SA said the gc is sent separately with the receipt (not with the item). do they arrive at the same time? in an envelope?
  5. Although I ordered from an out of state store, I went and picked up my EGC. If I had not done that, she was going to simply place the EGC in the pocket of my purse. Also, when I got my package, the receipt was in the box. It was not sent separately.
  6. so there will be nothing soon..........:sad:
  7. I just called Saks and they excluded most top designers from the EGC a few days ago, Gucci, Prada, Chanel, Dior, Fendi ...just about all of them. Plus all designer shoes were excluded. I passed by Saks in NYC during the EGC, there wasn't a soul in the store at 6-7 pm. I asked an SA in designer bags what they are doing and she said they honestly don't know if they will continue to exclude designer items or put the Gift cards back. Have to wait and see next month ... The boutiques are starving and want discounts stopped.