Is there anybody else who cant seem to break out of "neutrals"?

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  1. I seem to deliberate endlessly over taking the plunge into a blue jean bag... but I seem to find myself stuck in a quagmire of black, gold, brown - the so called "true neutrals" (absense of color in the traditional sense) as opposed to the "pseudo neutrals" (blue jean, red, orange - the colors that function like neutrals in that they go with a lot of other colors). Maybe its okay to be lodged in that "neutral comfort zone"? Anybody else here with me?
  2. Yep, I'm with you. I've got 1 gold Birkin, 1 dark brown Birkin, and 1 black Kelly, and the next thing I'm planning is....another black (this time a Birkin with ghw). I'm telling myself that this is IT for a non-exotic neutral. Next bag has to be color!
  3. You're asking me? The Queen of black box? Try as they might, the staff at H has been unable to break me out of my neutral rut. Maybe if I lived somewhere else it would be different, but for goodness sake, I live in the black wardrobe capital of the world!!!
  4. It's pretty individual. But for myself, the rule is - the smaller the bag, the less neutral is has to be.

  5. Good point HG- black is, after all, the official city color ... if you wear a bright color here, they probably lock you up.

    I am actually thinking about buying two more black bags - a black kelly and a second black birkin in a different leather - on top of my two black, one gold and one brown that I already have. I think you have empowered me now or at least help me rationalize it
  6. "it" has to be. Sorry.
  7. I struggle with it, but am always happy when I go with color. It's hard to do at purchase time because color seems less practical, but I find myslef reaching for my colored bags more.

    I sometimes still get stuck, though. I bought a chocolate dogon, now wish that I had gone with violet. I am also having an evelyne debate--thought I wanted bleu brighton, but am now thinking that raisin might be a better choice...
  8. i am in the same stage. I am a neutrals person. All my bags are basically black, brown or white. I have a hard time getting myself dressed with a colorful bag because I have to take everything into consideration. so i stick with the basic colored bag. KWIM
  9. I's been a bit of a struggle but I am loving blue marine box... is that color enough?
  10. My problem is that though I love both neutral and colorful bags, I hate having to switch bags often and I am not organized enough to plan my outfits ahead of time. So once I get dressed and am ready to go, I don't like finding out that the bag sitting by my door is the wrong color. I wear both neutral and colorful clothes, so I have been finding that chocolate and gold bags are very easy. Black, surprisingly, is not as easy as chocolate.
    My non-neutrals are raisin and orange and I try to use them a lot, but it takes a little more thought and sometimes I make a last minute switch. I am not planning another H bag, but if I get one, I think it will be a neutral.
  11. Well, I always WANT something bright but I invariably buy something neutral!!! So far, I've never regretted my neutrals......I'd worry about something Fuschia though.......
  12. i only have 1 black kelly. next bag is going to be what jedimaster calls pseudo neutral blue jean. also white, gold, and another black are in my future. i don't mind collecting neutrals first then going for color later. in the meantime, i'm planning bright colors for my accessories on the inside of my bags! also, who knows what bright bags i may see IRL and just fall in love with...
  13. I am with you. I love the neutrals and bj but I am still unable to commit to bj bags yet.
  14. I wish there was some way I could rent a blue jean birkin bag. (Yeah, me and everybody else).
  15. Maybe we "ambivalents" could form a consortium and purchase one collectively, then no one would have to would be like "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Birkin" :smile:

    Its a fun fantasy, you have to admit.