Is there any way to.......

  1. ....tell what year a Black or White Balenciaga with a LEATHER tag came from? Obviously if its a different colour than black or white you can tell by the year that colour was released but if you're buying say a Black or White Twiggy second hand, is there a way to tell the year it came from?

    Sorry for the stupid question, I was just thinking about this today. My guess is no....but wondering if anyone knows something I dont :confused1:
  2. do u have the paper tags?
    they have the year on it...
  3. I bought a black twiggy from Holts on Saturday (Yes the black squishy one I thought was gone!! :yahoo: ) I was in a hurry in the store so I didnt check but when I got home there were no paper tags inside and no extra tassels. It almost looks like someone bought the bag, took all the extra stuff then returned the bag.

    I could probably go and get the extra tassels but i doubt they would have the tags. I guess I'm stuck not knowing the year?
  4. That's a great question. I think you could probably tell 05 leather from other years -- it was really incredible and very different from the leather today -- but I don't think there's another way with just a leather tag.


    You could call and explain you need the documentation and extra tassels and see what they say. They might be able to trace the item through their system to find out when Balenciaga shipped it to them -- which they should be willing to do since they've lost your documentation and tassels!