Is there any way to stretch patent CLs?

  1. I just got in a pair of Som1 heels, that are both tight in the toe box and probably half a size too small. Is there any way to stretch them in length? Can a cobbler do anything or will I have to just keep them on and hope to stretch them a lot myself?

  2. I know that when I got my patent yoyo one shoe fit tighter than the other so my SA put it in a hot stretcher for two minutes and now the pair fits Brilliantly!! I assume that any good cobbler would have no problem doing this for you...
  3. Yeah I have a pair of patent wedges and they were slightly tight around the toe area but after a few wears it fits great now.
  4. True patent like the kind Louboutin uses does stretch. I have decolette zeppas in black patent. I had a pair and they fit perfectly, then I left them in a cab on my boyfriend's birthday (don't ask but the night was really fun). My BF bought me another pair on eBay, but they were tight. He took them to Shoe Service Plus in Manhattan, and voila, they fit like a charm. I totally understand your question though, because at first, I was like, "does patent stretch." It does.
  5. It does but quite slowly with wear. My recommendation is to either purchase wooden shoe stretchers and do the job yourself or take them to a cobbler to have them done.
  6. I called the Shoe Hospital here in Houston and was told there is no way to stretch shoes. I'll have to call around to more places tomorrow or Monday and see if there is anyone else that might be more aware of ways to stretch shoes. In the meantime, I'll go and buy some wooden stretchers to do the lengthening myself.
  7. I would see if they can be stretched at the store where you purchased them as boslvuton suggested, or I have found that a great way to stretch shoes that are a little snug in one area, or rub a little in one area, is to wear them around the house with socks on as often as you can - it always seems to help alot!!
  8. I use the thick sock method as well. Hurts something fierce, but it works! You look funny too.:tup:
  9. LaDoctorFutura, I was just curious, what size are you normally, and what size did you get? I'm thinking about getting a pair of these, and I don't know what size to get.
  10. :lol:I do the same thing.
  11. I'm a US 9 and I ordered a 39. It was the biggest size they had at the time, so I jumped at the deal. I probably would've been great with a 40.
  12. I tried that last night with the decollete zeppas I got from you! I couldn't even get my right foot into the shoe all the way (maybe it was the socks?). The left one I could get on though.

    I wore mine around for the last couple of hours without socks and my toes were totally numb for the first few seconds after taking the shoes off. They have already started stretching though! When I first got them I could barely get my feet into the shoes!

    Now I just need that toe box to stretch a bit more so I have more blood down there!

    I have the patent leather wallis with the wood heels and those have definitely stretched over time. They were a bit snug when I first got them and now they fit great!
  14. I always use the 'sock' method too with my patent louboutins after a disasterous first outing experience that ripped my feet to shreds... it has worked for me and my patents are now all comfortable.
  15. I bought wooden shoe stretchers, I must say they have been one of my best purchases ever!
    No uncomfortable breaking in period for my poor feet anymore the stretchers do it for me :happydance: