Is there ANY way to return an unused Gucci bag that I purchased at the outlet? r/o

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  1. I purchased a pink python large D-ring and black python hysteria in May at the San Marcos outlet and I go laid off from my job literally 2 days later. :sad: I have never used them...they have just been sitting in their dust bags in 2 rubbermaid bins in my closet. The little sign at the outlet said no returns, etc so I haven't even tried to return them but the guilt of buying them, and then losing my job and being unable to pay them off on my CC (although I do have 0% interest for a year) is stressing me out. I'm not a big handbag was literally a spur of the moment lapse in judgement bc they were gorgeous & "such a great deal".
    Is there ANY WAY POSSIBLE to return these bags to Gucci at all? They have never been used, ever and there is no black line through the tag or anything. I figured if anyone knew a way to return them, you girls would. Thanks in advance...
  2. GUCCI FAQ's

    7. What is the RETURN/EXCHANGE Policy for Sale items?
    Outlets: ALL Sales Final - NO Returns/Exchanges on items purchased at the outlet.

    sorry about your job, i hope things start looking up for you :smile:
  3. It's not the Coach outlet. :lol:

    Instead why not sell them on ebay or bonanzle? You can charge a bit more since they're NWT. Worse comes to worse - bring it into the consignment store. Do you have any other bags from other stores unused that you can return? If you do then return them for a refund.

    Good luck on you job hunt!
  4. When I was at the Gucci outlet last week, someone tried to return a bag. They wound up letting her exchange it for something else, but told her if what she exchanged it for was less than what she was returning, they would only offer her store credit.

    I think your best bet is eBay or consignment. Or hold on to them for a little while and see if you can find another job quickly. Can you sell other things instead to pay the credit card?
  5. You purchased these in May? Can you return items for that long? Sorry, to hear about your situation. I can totally understand your position and I know how you feel. As others said maybe try selling them on ebay but do your research. Take a look at the ebay subforum. There are lots of help there.
  6. I have sold my bags at and their fee is only 30% compared to other consignments shops at 50%. You can easily send your bag to them in California.