Is there any way to remove "BIN"?

  1. I have a day left on my listing, is there any way I can take off the "Buy it now" option?

    It's my first time selling, I did not know there would be paypal fees (!), so that's why I'm having second thoughts.

    Thanks again!
  2. Hello,

    I am a powerseller on eBay, and the only way you can change your listing is if you have more than 12 hours left on the auction (Then you can end the auction with out having to pay any fee's).
  3. I have tried to revise my listing but it said I exceeded the limit?

    I think I edited my listing too many times, adding more info to the descroption and pictures. =\

    Thanks for your reply!

    Any tips on shipping w/ insurance? I have no idea how to do that either!
  4. Yeah, if you have gotten that message then you will not be able to do any further revisions.
  5. I didnt think you can change that part of the auction. thanks, now i know.
  6. Once you have a BIN on an auction, I don' think they credit it back to you if you remove it.
  7. Why does eBay limit the number of times you can limit your listing before the 12 hour end of auction deadline? If a seller wants to add more info I would think that's extremely helpful to a buyer.