Is there ANY way to make new vachetta the color of the Dentelle/Nomade leather??

  1. So, I stick my BH in the sun, tanning beds, condition it with Apple lotion and it just does not get dark fast enough. I LOVE the handles/trim on the Dentelle bags (but I do not like the Dentelle design) and I know it is the Nomade leather, but it there any way to make the regular vachetta pretty close in color to it????
  2. It takes years and years for regular vachetta to get to that color!!! Although what you're doing will help!
    Baby wipes will also darken them handles a little as well.
  3. Just love the bag and take care of it- it'll get there one day! Try to use it a lot, and put it in the sun when you can.
  4. it definitely takes awhile to get to the "nomade" color but patience is the best thing to have for vachetta. it will age gracefully and you won't regret it once it gets to that perfect shade.
  5. Humidity also darkens the vachetta quicker too.
  6. That is another reason I love my Fersen!! I just love the darker leather. Its so user friendly. It nice to not be worried about getting it dirty. I like my patina WHITE and it makes me crazy when I get a spot of any kind on it!
  7. Patience is the best ingredient for a dark patina!
  8. Oh, just please don't use the tanning lotion/oil, iron/heater, etc... lol :p (refering to the other thread about the poor speedy, if you are wondering)

  9. For a minute there, I thought you wrote 'HUMILITY also darkens the vachetta quicker too' :p
  10. You could try putting it in the room with a humidifier and in place in a sunlight room. Don't put any oils on it!

    I thought apple guard is to actually prevent patina aging?
  11. The conditioner is Apple brand cream that my LV recommended. It is not the same as Appleguard.
    As far as the suggestions about humidity goes....I guess that means my bag will also get to go to the sauna!!! My bag has THE life....laying in the sun, being in the tanning bed, and now....a sauna!!:roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: