Is there any way to block ZERO feedback bidders?

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  1. Ugh, I HATE getting zero feedback bidders! :cursing:

    I was listing one of my old bags that I never use anymore, and when the auction closed, there was this zero feedback bidder that's bid it up close to the price I paid originally (more than I expected to get), so I'm sure he/she is not going to pay now... no contact yet, but all my other buyers from that day have already contacted me.

    I can block negative FB bidders, but is there any trick to do the zero feedback ones, or do I need to manually cancel them all next time?
  2. I'm not sure of how you can block 0 fb buyers. I think you have to manually cancel their bid. Just from my experience all my 0 fb buyers have actually paid!
  3. I have only had one 0 Feedback back out...the rest have been great! I think you have to manually remove them...but in the "Preferences" might be able to select that option...or create that rule...not exactly how you do that, but maybe:smile:

  4. And remember we all started out as 'zero's ' once!
  5. Exactly!!!
  6. True, but the only one whose ever won one my auctions never paid- I kept sending very nice emails and messages. Finally she replies with "yes I still want the bag" but nothing else and no payment! The winning bid was $55 but when I relisted it I only got $36! :cursing:
  7. When you list your item state that if the bidder has a zero feedback that they must contact you before bidding. Then you can kind of get a sense of how they will be to deal with. If they bid without contacting you then cancel their bid.
  8. I do this in my auctions too but they never do email you.. Pointless really.
    I know we were all a 0 bidder once, But my experience with them is quite bad. Only 9/10 end up going through with it!
  9. See I'm a brand spanking new Ebay user, so I have zero anything. I've been really looking into purses (and I will pay) now I'm scared I'll just get kicked off... :sad:
  10. I have had horrible luck with 0 FB bidders. I'd say 75% don't complete the auction. I had to list a Dooney wallet 3 times due to this. So I started saying in listing that bidders with less than 5 FB must write me before bidding with their intent and method payment. BUT....NO ONE reads the auction of course so I just spent much time manually blocking bidders because they haven't contacted me.
    I am willing to give them the benifit of the doubt but not unless they are willing to follow my rules.
  11. When you do your listing for your item, you go to the Additional Information near the bottom of your listing requirements and check the ones you want.
    I used the screen capture to show you what to look for and what you can specify. Let me know if I can help. This features saves a LOT of headaches! You can specify feedback scores of 5 or less to block buyer. Five is the max though.
  12. I just sold my Gucci velvet Blondie. I thought I'd specified that I ship only to U.S. addresses, but the buyer is in France. Do you think it will be OK to ship there?

    Also, only 1 feedback.

    I hope this works out.
  13. I wouldn't touch that if I were you. I'd send them an email specifying that it was an oversight on your part and you only ship to the US. How did they pay for it? Have they paid? If not, email them and explain your policy. It may end up saving you some headaches. I used to take overseas bids when I was selling off my designer stiletto collection last year and while I was very, very lucky that I had honest bidders, there was a LOT of nail chewing for a long time. Just not worth the stress, especially if it was a lot of money.
  14. Thanks! I did have that set already, but couldn't figure out how to block the zeros - looks like you can't from what you've said. I guess I know all of us started there, but I've generally had bad luck with them as well.
  15. Marking 5 or less will block the zeros! You can make it 1 or less as well.:smile: