Is there ANY way that I can find the ever elusive OVAL clutch?

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  1. The dilemma: oval clutches are no where to be found. I know it's a discontinued style but have had no luck with ebay, bonanzle, realdealcollections, and am even on Erica's list. Has anyone heard of a clutch lying around at any department store or Bal? Thanks :shrugs:
  2. I really wish I could help you - the oval clutch is such a brilliant design, I wish they would bring it back. None of the other Balenciaga clutches have caught my eye quite like the oval has.
  3. I wish I knew were those 2 pfers found those clutches.
  4. I've heard there are ovals in the Taipei's Mitsukoshi store. Anyone know if this is still true? I live in the U.S. though
  5. I heard this is a site that has 3 ovals. It is a Thailand brand name site. Does anyone know the address?
  6. dstar84 BUY IT NOW before i do it , i'm sooo tempted! wish it were a black one :crybaby:
  7. i wanted to get a white oval but was settled for a black one from Taipei's Mitsukoshi store couple months ago and i believe there was still another black one left at the time
  8. how much did you pay for it? do they ship to the USA ? thankyou ! :P
  9. There are currently 3 Oval Clutches on Bonanzle from a PFer.