Is there any vacancy on Ban Island for me please?

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  1. Hi everyone :wave:,

    I had been away & busy for a while, haven't been posting much but that didn't stop me from feeding my H addiction. :P:blush: I must say this addiction is a dangerous dangerous thing.... :graucho: Will it ever stop???
  2. pics pics!!!!
  3. I had been drooling over the Hermes china. Finally decided to buy these to pamper myself during breakfast:

  4. Trying out the Hermes fragrance for the first time:


    The grapefruit citrusy top notes are really refreshing. Perfect for waking me up in the morning. :shame:
  5. You must tell us how it is, the name of it sounds lovely.
    I've yet to find an H perfume i like so will be keen to hear your thoughts on this one.
  6. I love using this perfume. Its light enough for day use & still has good body to last quite a while. Its worth the try. :smile:
  7. Oooh! A live reveal!!! :loveeyes:
  8. Next, I saw a fellow tpfer (MadameM) posting a pic of this & i instantly fell in love. She was very kind to give me the exact colorway, so I hunted it down, Astrologie Nouvelle :




    I'm an Hermes scarf virgin NO MORE!! yeh!!
  9. Thank you for joining me ladies. :smile:
  10. I decided to downsize my cosmetic pouch, so I got the Karo Pm in Rouge Casaque, chevre:


  11. I am here too..:woohoo:
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    My very first pair of Hermes shoes:


    I normally can't find a pair of ballet flats that fit my feet well because of my bunion ( sorry, not very exciting fact here :-P) but these ones fit me like a gloves, they are so comfy to walk in & doesn't hurt at all.

  13. The color is GORGEOUS! :heart:
  14. After seeing so many gorgeous photos of Toolbox from fellow members, I'm also infected with the TB fever. So I hunted this one down:


    Toolbox 20 in Orange Swift

  15. Thank you. :smile: