Is there any type of store in the JAX headquarters?

  1. Maybe this has been discussed before, if so I apologize.
    I live only 1 1/2 hours from Jacksonville, where there headquarers/distribution/whatever is. I have always wondered if there is any type of outlet or overstock room there? I am planning on taking my girls to the Jacksonville Zoo next week and thought maybe I could look at purses after the animals!:yes:

    I know about St. Augustine, but that is the other direction for my daytrip next week.
  2. Anyone...anyone??
  3. Well, I know there is a full price store but to my knowledge there isn't an actual store instead of the warehouse- just customer service, bag repairs and the actual warehouse.
  4. I was hoping for some type of "back room" where damaged items are. In the design industry, most furniture warehouses have a small back room where they sell their damaged/old/whatever items. I was thinking along those lines.
  5. Nope, distribution only.... it's a bummer, I only live about 15 miles from it.
  6. The Jacksonville full price store is at the avenues mall, it's not even on the same side of town as the distribution center. I swear I can smell the leather calling me when I drive by though, lol.
  7. oK, thanks. If you live 15 miles from there, then I will definitely take your word for it! If I lived that close, I think I would knock on the door and peak in!:drool:
  8. The closest thing is the Outlets :/ Coach will never sell anything underpar generally, you may find random defective things in outlets but nothing drastic.