Is there any tokidoki's on sale in NYC EVER?

  1. Because i like in nyc and i never catch tokidoki's on sale!!!! :crybaby:Today I saw this spiaggia buon viaggio at my mall however i think its a return and that i really wanted it in the zucca style. Do you think macy's ever gonna go on sale? Does tokidoki's ever go on sale in NYC?
  2. sorry typo "BECAUSE I LIVE" not like
  3. i don't know if they go on sale in NYC.. i would imagine that they wouldn't last that long at macy's to reach a sale, but if you want to get a tokidoki at a discounted price i suggest you check out the lesportsac outlets. If you have a way to get to the woodbury or south hampton outlets it's worth the commute/drive at 25% off.
  4. I've never seen a Tokidoki on sale in Macy's. Loehmann's, Filene's Basement, and Century 21 sell them below retail price, but you never know what they are going to get in stock.

    However, Macy's will accept those 15%-20% off coupons on Tokidoki bags.
  5. I *once* saw a single Pirata gioco in the clearance bin for $92 at Macy's but neither me or my friend wanted it so we left friend STILL regrets it.

    I got a fumo bella on clearance also but I'm sure it was a returned item, it had no original tags (just a scanner type sticker tag) or qee. I think you have to be REALLY lucky, we don't have sale tokis to choose from like out in CA...those prices make me jealous!
  6. i don't think macy's will ever put tokis on sale. they fly off the racks like crazy, but i was lucky enough to get my first toki bag from there @like 40% off. having the star rewards card really pays off. speaking of the outlets... i was at woodbury earlier today and purchased lots of bags. from past prints of course.
  7. Cleofe, do you remember what prints and bag styles Woodbury has left in stock? Do they have any spiaggia?
  8. No, they didn't have any spiaggia prints. They had alot of adios star in ciao, denaro, caramella, braccialetto, bella, nuvola. They do have the black OP in scuola (I grabbed the last bella bella). They had a few fumo in ciao ciao, nuvola... Paradiso and inferno in luna and trenino. That's all I can remember. Oh, and they're all for 40% off!
  9. Century 21 had them in sporadically.

    Woodbury Outlet was awesome the last time I went - but that was almost 3 months ago !
  10. Thanks for the update!
  11. I do phone orders with the Woodbury outlet and I called them occasionally to see what they have in. Apparently the Spiaggia was suppose to come in earlier in the fall but it never did. They don't even know if they will get them in, let alone when...

    I told them to call me when it comes in - I hope they would call soon!
  12. does anyone know when Macy's in herald sq. will get their vacanze shipment in?
  13. ohhh I hope macy's herald square gets it in soon!!!!