is there any tiffany outlets or an outlet that sells tiffany?

  1. does tiffanys have an outlet
    or any outlets that sell tiffany?
    i never seen one and was wondering if they had one
  2. I have never seen any. You can visit "signed pieces" and get some previously loved pieces. I wondered what they do with the "returns"

  3. No, they do not have any outlets. As for their returns. It must be in saleable condition. They will not accept any returns that show any type of wear.
  4. Honestly I am glad T&Co doesn't have an outlet (just like LV).

    I would hate to pay alot of $$ for, say, a necklace, just to find out a few weeks later it is half price in an outlet, KWIM? :smile:
  5. ^ I agree!
  6. Ditto that! Tiffany's and LV seem to be the "deluxe" brands...I'm glad Coach and Burberry [and Dooney] have outlets...but I think that outlets just take away the "exclusive-ness" of a brand. [not that I don't love bargains! :p]
  7. LOL I love a good bargain but NOT on T&Co or LV ;)
  8. ^^ Agreed. One of the few times I actually ENJOY paying more...
  9. ^^ i know.. i guess the exclusiveness of it makes me keep on coming back for more and more and more.
  10. Like LV, Tiff's doesn't have an outlet! That's why I love them!!!!:heart::heart::heart:
  11. I would hate to see a Tiffany outlet. I think outlet malls lessen the whole appeal of a luxury good. I love outlets for clothing and shoes, but my bags are LV and my silver jewelry is Tiffany.
  12. I've gone to many pawn shops and have seen Tiffany pieces, but, they are pretty close to reg. price. Other than that no sales :smile: I like that about them. I would hate to see an item I spent a lot of money on @ the outlets later!
  13. If you have a business you can open a business account and you get 15% off.
  14. They smelt the returns, lol.

    I don't think there will ever be a Tiffany outlet and like some of you said I think that's a good thing.
  15. Seeing a Tiffany (or LV) outlet would be like seeing the end of the world drawing near...