Is There Any Such Thing As An Investment Bag?

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  1. Good Afternoon,
    I purchased my first LV Limited Edition bag as an investment purchase on the advice of a friend.
    In your opinion, is there any such thing as an LV bag that would be an investment?
    Warm regards,
  2. I personally don't think there's such a bag.
  3. No.
  4. Not really. What bag is it? The roses and the watercolor speedies CAN make a significant profit now, but those bags came out so long ago, having to wait all this time to maybe make a profit on a bag, is not worth it IMO. You'd have to sell directly to the buyer which has it risks, because you'll never make a profit selling to a consignment store.
  5. It's hard to say - if you buy a bag like a speedy or neverfull, use it but keep it in good shape with an even patina, I think you could sell it for a good resale price. So you could ultimately sell the bag & not lose too much money, but not profit. In general, I wouldn't say you'd be able to sell any used bag to make a profit unless it's something rare in good condition. What bag did you buy?
  6. Yes, a new Roses Speedy 30.

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  7. Most bags can't really be considered as investments unless they're either exceptionally rare or are ultra-exclusive and made from exotic leathers (think of a crocodile Birkin). As j19 suggested, when you buy a bag make sure that you take good care of it to help hold its resale value should you decide to sell.
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  8. I don't think it's wise to buy a bag under the assumption that it'll be an investment. It's not always easy to predict what the demand for the bag will be in the future. Plus, even if you manage to sell a bag for a profit, the return might not be as good as if you chose a different investment vehicle, like a stock or a bond.
  9. I don't see a lot of bags that go up in value over the years like houses. If she means investment as in they hold their value better than other types of brands, or in a "cost per wear" type of investment, then yes. But no one is going to be able to retire on their bag collection as their only "investment".
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  10. I wouldn't say bags are investments but some hold value more then others..

    Still, you cannot be sure of the return on a accessory item imo...

    Now good diamonds or gold...thats much better but true investments are not these to me..

    Better to save the money as an investment really...
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    Handbags that are mass produced are not investment caliber. Sprouse LV things are fun and appreciated by collectors, but long term they haven't really held their value, let alone increased over time. This happened with the earliest Sprouse bags, which had some years of strong prices but then they crashed. The relative glut of production will always hurt a seemingly collectible bag.

    Not really what investing means.
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  12. Check ebay sold listings, you can definitely make a profit, especially if you have everything. Just don't list it for $3500 like some of those crazy sellers!
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  13. Short-term profit is something entirely different--not what an "investment bag" means.
  14. No. Buy gold instead.
  15. Um yeah, I touched on that in my first comment.

    The comment you quoted was just me providing OP with advice on selling the bag she has now, I was not necessarily supporting the concept of an "investment bag" or recommending that she do it again.
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