Is there any reason that why...?

  1. well, I just wonder why many people choose Batignolles Horizontal? It is such a practical purse and good for using everyday. she is the next one on my shopping list. So why your girls choose horizontal over vertical. Is there any reason or just perfer the style?
  2. I don't have this bag but I would choose it over vertical because esthetically, it looks better. also, it's easier to dig from because the width (opening) is wider.
  3. i think the BH looks better than the BV
  4. I love's a great shoulder bag and is the bag I use the most. It goes with everything and I love using it for my notebooks for school. It's probably the most practical bag I own.
  5. I love mine....the BV is just a weird shape, too square looking IMO. The BH is just the right size. Its such a great everyday bag! I use mine all the time. It has room for the daily essentials and then some. I even prefer this over the neverfull. Im not fond on the neverfull in the mono print, the photoshoped damier looks better.
  6. The BH looks better on my frame and I think it's more convenient to look for things inside the BH than the BV because of its shape.
  7. Great thread, I was wondering this too! I personally prefer the look of the vertical over the horizontal, and both over the squarish Batignolles. That's a good point though about reaching for things in the murky depths of a BV.. I recently sold an otherwise loved bucket bag (other brand) because of this.

    Anyway, here are the elux pics of all three.. I've put the square Batignolles in the middle for best comparison. :smile:

    Batignolles Vertical:..............................................Batignolles:.................................Batignolles Horizontal:
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  8. I actually picked the Vertical. I just had to be different. I liked that it was deeper and I felt less fat carrying it! ;)
  9. Do you have any troubles reaching down into the bottom of it, K? Like if you don't take it completely off your arm, and just reach in with your other?
  10. Personally, the Vertical looks better on me. I am short, so I feel it makes me appear a bit taller. It is easy to get in and out of, and honestly one of my favorite LV bags.
  11. Know what, I prefer the horizontal... and my son who was nearby me happened to see the 3 pixs and he commented that horizontal is the prettiest :wlae:
  12. I had a piano and its very much like that only better.No worries about the naked leather, its bigger and carries well.Plus the price is :tup:

  13. I actually prefer the look of the BV -- I think it looks more elegant. BUT I'll probably end up with the BH as one of my best friends has the BV and carries hers all the time. I do think the BH seems to be the most practical shape despite the BV looking better, IMHO!
  14. I love the horizontal shape. I don't have a BH, but I have an LH. The horizontal just seems to be easier to find things inside. The vertical looked like I might have to dig around to find things.
  15. I just like the shape of the Horizontal better. I also thought the tallness of the Vertical might get in the way (e.g. bumping against my side as I am walking, etc).