is there any real way to know?

  1. I'm interested in buying a Coach bag but want to buy one from a collection no longer in stores. I'm assuming I'll have to buy from Ebay

    When I buy my Vuitton bags I make sure to buy from a MPRS.

    Is there anything like that for Coach so I know that I am getting an authentic Coach bag?
  2. No. Just watch out for private feedback, feedback percentages, and read the feedbacks (do a If it looks too good to be true, run away. Read the ebay Shoes Board and also the authentication threads on this board and on ebay.
  3. ^^ Yep, look at other auctions and check them out and feedback too.

    What bag is it? Even though it isn't in stores, you may still be able to order it.
  4. thanks for the help.

    I am not sure what I want to get yet. I just know that I am not too fond of the legacy line that is dominating the Coach store in my area.

    I was thinking maybe a scribble tote for right now...I of course want to scoop up every authentic old bag that I find on Ebay :smile: That's why I would like to know just who to buy from.

    thanks again for your help! I'll post if I find anything good
  5. ^^You can also check the outlets, if there is one by you. Just be very careful when buying on ebay. Make sure the feedback is good and it is authentic before you buy it. If you need help, there is an Authenciate it thread for Coach.
  6. Everyone above is right. Ebay unfortunately has become one bif counterfeit dumping ground! I find very cute things at the outlets too.