is there any plans for LV to come out with a damier lockit?

  1. i quite like the lockit horizontal but don't really fancy the mono canvas, would love to have that shape in a damier or epi.
  2. ooh, don't know of any plans but great idea! i'd :drool: over an azur one...
  3. Me, well I would :heart: the Damier Ebony......Mmmmmm would look so good:tup::tup:
  4. OOOhhh 100 posts for me yay!!!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  5. why can't lv make all their styles available in all the collections.
  6. I alsked my SA if I could SO a damier lockit when the mono lockit was first released but she said it was not yet possible ... maybe that has changed as the mono has been out for a while?? I would love a damier lockit:heart:
  7. A damier lockit would be gorgeous!
  8. ^^^ both damier and azur would look great in it. but i will have to wait another year and...2 months for that. i want a mini noe in azurrrr!!!!
  9. you can special order for it :smile:
  10. I would love a damier Lockit. and one in Azur. I would also love a Azur Alma.
  11. I think that would be a great bag! A lockit horizontal in damier! :girlsigh: