Is there any other option to verify my account besides my bank account? any problems?

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  1. Hello,

    everytime I come on to the eBay forum it gives me the heebie jeebies (bad bad stories) but I was just wondering if I can only verify my account by connecting my bank account to it (I dont feel comftorable) has anyone had money taken out of things done to their account without permission?

    Thanks everyone!
  2. I think there are only two ways to verify: Add a bank account or get approved for a Paypal credit card.
  3. ^ ugh no way......

    has anyone ever had problems connecting their bank accounts?
  4. Open a separate #2 bank account and use that exclusively for Paypal. Retrieve your money from this separate account and transfer it to your usual banking account. Some banks will open secondary accounts for free if you are a good customer and in good standing.

    Never had a problem with Paypal but the key pointers are:
    Do not authorize eBay payments to come out of Paypal, ever.
    Clear your Paypal account regularly, do not leave balances with Paypal ever.
    Do not open anything with Paypal that requires them to run a credit check, if you have a low score it can be used against you whenever they deem a transaction to be risky (they'll hold your money, limit your transactions, etc.).
    Always always use a credit card to pay for your internet purchases, I reapeat always, never use bank account.
  5. I have a paypal credit card and I removed my bank account recently and they said I am now not verified. Also, how do you transfer more than $500 a month out of your paypal account without a bank account?
    I think the best way is to get another account and transfer the money between accounts like mmmpurses said.