Is there any more perforated classic flaps?

  1. I've been looking and searching but just cant seem to find any more left!
    If you have spotted any recently please let me know.
    i am always so slow and finally realized i actually like this ligne!
    thank you in advance any help is appreaciated :heart::rolleyes:
  2. I thought I saw one on eBay recently. It was a navy blue.
  3. Saks NY has them. Ask for Endo, he is great to work with.
  4. My Saks had one very recently
    Call Rhoda 504-524-2200 ext 5355
    If she isn't there ask for Maria

    Tell them Jeanne sent ya
  5. Hi I saw one at Saks 5th in Greenwich Ct 1 203 862 5340 Margie helped me I think it was red
  6. my NM had it too ...
  7. I think they have one at NM at Short Hills Mall in NJ.
  8. saw two, black and navy at Saks, Beverly hills last Sat.
  9. Thank you so much!
    its just that i live in Canada. It will cost me a lot of money to call around.
    Thanks again everyone :heart: i will call tomorrow and let everyone knows the results!
  10. Saks in Chevy Chase, Maryland had a blue jumbo and a m/l coral today.