Is there any more Naturals?

  1. I am dying to get a natural with GH in the work(office)size or part time...

    does anyone know who carries them?

  2. Barneys in Dallas had three of the natural GH work about three weeks ago. LVR has them in stock. I recently ordered a bag from LVR and it was no problem at all, very quick delivery. I haven't received a customs bill yet, but even with that I think I will save about $50 over US retail. LVR also has free shipping on handbags through March.
  3. ^
    ive tried E-mailing LVR but they did not reply me. I'm assuming they send over a file or something like aloharag but there was absolutely no response after sending that E-mail.

    has anyone seen a natural weekender anywhere available?
  4. I E-mailed LVR for Natural GH Work or Part Time, and here is the answer I got yesterday from them.

    "We send you also Balenciaga Handbag Stock Catalog*.

    The Giant Work and the Giant Part-Time are not available in Color Natural.
    The Giang Brief is available in Natural."
  5. I asked a friend who lives in Hawaii to get a City Naturel for me and a brief naturel for my sister from Aloha Rag. Maybe they still have some in stock.
  6. I called Barneys/Dallas ... they only have Naturel in the regular hardware now... :crybaby:
  7. i was at BalNY yesterday and I *think* they had it
  8. NO kidding, I thought they were all sold out...maybe they got another shipment?