Is there any more hope to find Pomme D'amour Coeur?

  1. I just want to kick myself for not getting the coeur coin bag in Pomme D'amour when I was visiting Taipei last month. The SA there showed me the last one they had and I hesitated. Since I got back, I've been to all of the Southern California LV boutiques and they basically told me that I'm out of luck now. Should I even try to find it in some other LV boutiques?
  2. They are completely sold out in the US! :crybaby: Your only chance may be eBay or another LV reseller. But be prepared for sticker shock! I originally wanted Pomme, but found a Framboise for a little over retail. It was worth it to me for an LE item as cute as the Coeur. Pomme is going for the most $$$, 2nd is Framboise, and MC seems to be closest to retail. Good Luck finding one!
  3. whoa. a little late there! dont ever hesitate on LE pieces.
  4. I think Pomme is still available on LV uk website uk.
  5. I feel your pain- I could kick myself too!
  6. Nope. They are all gone. How about eBay?
  7. i was lucky enough to get one for a little over retail from a friend... :smile: i was desperate as i had wanted one and was on the waitlist, third on list at my store but they only received 1 pomme, 2 framboise and a couple of MC... and I only wanted the pomme, and couldn't get it :sad::sad:
  8. They had the White MCs left at the Sydney Store... They can't seem to offload that colour for some reason...
  9. Keep doesn't seem too late yet since they were just released and who knows!!!
  10. again kicking myself for selling mine for so little!
  11. I've been on the waiting list since mid-Feb and no luck! When I was in Taipei during the first week of March, I was told they were all sold out of the Pomme and Framboise coeurs :crybaby:
  12. I think you will have to resort to eBay but brace yourself for the prices! :wtf: I'm in Cali too and I finally broke down and got the perle coeur from an ebay seller for about $50 above retail after waiting & calling all over! I have all but given up hope for a pink one 'cuz the prices are soooo steep! Good Luck with your search!
  13. Yeah they're definitely gone now. The last I'd heard, the only thing left was the MC one but I think even that is gone now.
  14. I'm pretty sure they're all gone now :crybaby: but I think there are a few MC's left
  15. i think ebay is your last option.