Is there any miu miu shop in Seoul?

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  1. Is there any miu miu shop in Seoul?

    If there is, which part of the city does the shop locate?

    Thanks a lot for kindness.
  2. i was in seoul this past summer and there are a couple miu miu stores.
    i found the miu miu stores in lotte mall in myung dong, as well as the one up stairs in the duty free shopping area to have the most bags and shoes.
  3. There's a miu miu store in the Shinsegae mall in gangnam. :smile: Love it there.
  4. Hi girls,

    Was wondering if you know how the prices compare to usd?
  5. Lotte Mall duty free and Incheon Airport's duty free prices were about the same as the stores here in US, plus its NO TAX.
    However, the prices for regular stores in Seoul were slightly higher,
    but not that drastic.

    afterall, 1000 won is like.. ~$1.20.