Is there any mini size for the downtown tote?

  1. Hi I'm new to YSL. I can't help but falling in love with the gorgeous downtown tote and have been thinking to get one but I'm not so sure about the size. Is there any mini size for the tote? Pls kindly help. Thanks! :heart:
  2. Hi and welcome kayaya. :flowers: There is a mini size that some of the celebs have been wearing, like Madonna here, but I haven't seen it for sale anywhere yet.

  3. Oh yea! you're great!! that's the one I'm looking for :heart:
  4. ive been looking for that too!! anyone seen it on sale anywhere yet??
  5. hi does anyone know how much the small downtown tote in patent and leather is approximately? thanks!
  6. I found the measurements for the small downtown tote from shefinds:

    Perfect for schlepping everything you need to survive the urban jungle, the large tote measures 14” high by 17” long and 7” wide. It even works great as an overnighter, as we’ve spotted it on weekending fashionistas taking leave from the big city for a little R&R.
    If you’re looking for a more diminutive version for your bare necessities, the small tote is just that, measuring 6” by 8 ½” by 4 ¾”. Faster than you can hail a cab, this tote will become part of your daily commute.
    Price: $1,495 (large tote @, $876 (small tote @[​IMG]),