Is there any love for the Matelasse out there?

  1. I have always loved the look of these bags, but it kinda puts me off seeing how hard they are to sell on eBay. I searched the Clubhouse section and the Matelasse owners seem to be few and far between?

    Does anyone have a Matelasse in Marine???

    The only colours I have seen pics of on tPF are Plomb, Blanc & Black...

    Do you own a Matelasse?

    Why do you love it?

    How often do you wear it?

    How do you style it?

    What colour do you have?

  2. Anyone?
  3. KDC,
    I don't have one, but I want one! I should have jumped at a couple deals I found, but they are long gone.
    I like the more structured look of the bag.
  4. It's a little different leather and a different look. I have vert gazon and aquamarine and think it looks amazing in the bright colors. I took the plunge after seeing someone's FB here. You can get great deals now, which I sadly didn't!
  5. Oh! Rollergirl!!! Do you have pics of your VG Matelasse???
  6. i have a medium bag and the small clutch both in black and i love them. sort of like twisted chanel. i think the the retail for the bag was so high, that it was a bit off putting for some customers. i personally love the bag- it's not so recoginzable as the classic moto bag (which i also love, but it has a more casual funky feel).
  7. Here ya go sweetie! My medium French Blue Matelasse...




    And for size comparison...



  8. I personally don't love the Matelasse because it looks like they are trying to knock off Chanel a bit.
  9. I love my black matelasse b/c I think it loos funky and sophisticated I can wear it with my suit and it looks chic. I have a black matelasse, I would love a more neutral one but until I find a good deal I am going to have to wait because my collection has taken on a life of its own. I don't wear it that much, but it is because it is black and most of my wardrobe looks better with neutral bags!
  10. Thanks Deana, I am glad to see the size of the Matelasse next to a Box. I loved the Box style, but I needed it to be a bit bigger...
  11. I love Matelasse style. I got one myself and another one for my older sis for her BD (and we made a promise to swap bags too :graucho: ). They are in medium size. The leather is so soft and I think, you could dress it up and down with this style. I like it. :tup:

    Here they are:
    Mirage Speedy 027.jpg Mirage Speedy 030.jpg Mirage Speedy 032.jpg
  12. I have a black medium matelasse, wear it quite often. Classic w/a twist. Love the style. I paid retail for one at NM, but returned it once I saw the great deals available on eBay. I ended up with a next-to-new black matelasse from eBay for about 60% of retail cost.
  13. I Have a brown color matelasse in the medium size. and i love it. i got it cuz it was different and not to many people carry it.
  14. wow, the matelasse might just be of the right size for me as the city is a bit too big and the first is too small!

    thanks for the pics deana!
  15. i love the look of the violet matelasse...the color with the silver hardware is very nice. the only thing that kept me from buying this bag was that there is a moc zipper pocket on the front. for almost $1700, that is just ridiculous. it wouldn't have taken much to sew a real pocket there.