Is there any H shops in Venice or Florence?

  1. Dear H lovers :love:,

    I am going to Venice and Florence with my DH in July and wondering whether there are any H shops in those cities. And where should we stay :confused1:? THANK YOU SO MUCH in advance. This is our first time there, so no clue! :girlsigh:

    Thanks again :heart:
  2. in both cities there's an H boutique, I'm now searching the right addresses...
    For hotels, why don't you search on It's an useful site for hotels researches with visitor's reviews
  3. In Florence: Piazza Antinori 6/R (at the end of Via de' Tornabuoni, the main shopping street)
    in Venice: San Marco 1292
  4. The one in Venice is just off Piazza San Marco, I think across from Chanel. I was there about 6 months before I was into Hermes so I wouldn't have otherwise noticed it, except for the fact that they had a croc Birkin with diamonds in the window and they list the prices in the window so DH and I definitely stopped to gawk at the 130,000 euro bag (or whatever it was at the time).
  5. Yes, Hermes in Venice is just behind Piaza San Marco and indeed across from the Chanel boutique. It is gorgeous and the sales associates there were wonderful: friendly, helpful and gracious. Enjoy is one of my favorite cities.
  6. Thank you so much, mgryg 1, abbyroad, amasonb, and MaiTai! I do appreciate your help and info. :flowers: