is there any getting the classic flap bags or reissues on sale

  1. or at a discount? is the only want to get a new one to pay full price at the boutique?
  2. Not the reissues, and not any classics in leather (that I know of).
  3. how about east-west bags?
  4. no reissues don't go on sale I dont think.
    e/w doesn't either.

    classic flaps do (but its usually very strange colors and usually the tiny size one only) not the regular sizes basically.
  5. Nope, nada, nevah.

  6. The only way I know of to potentially get a discount on these bags is to buy somewhere like Saks or Bloomies where they give you a percentage off for opening a charge account with them. But be sure to check the policy before you do this because sometimes certain designers or "leased boutiques" are excluded.
  7. actually, Nordstroms did have a sale on "classics" there were two bags, one black the other tan colored, gold sized.

    The grey denim classic i got with silver hardware is a medium sized. originally 1695$