Is there any fake Gustto Bacas out there?

  1. Hi ladies. I am asking because I am thinking of getting a Gustto Baca from eBay after hearing the raves about this bag here. But having been burned recently on eBay with a fake Loewe bag (thank goodness I got my money back), I am reluctant to get anything of value on eBay. Has anyone seen or heard of Gustto being faked? The ones I have seen on ebay all look quite authentic. But since it will be my first Baca, I am not sure what to look for. How do I ensure I get an authentic baca? Thanks for all your help..
  2. Yes, I have seen a fake Gustto Baca on Ebay. There is a thread here somewhere about it. If you go to you can see what the fake Baca looks like.

    The leather looks VERY wrinkled on the fakes but everything else looks so very close.

    I suggest asking for authenticity checks here at the Forum on the auction you hope to bid on.

    Good luck.