is there any discount stoes that sell chanel besides blue fly

  1. os there any stores that sell chanel shoes at a discount?
    please let me know that you
  2. Off Saks outlets sometimes carry previous season Chanels
  3. Is that where you got your white flap Chanel from? it's very very nice!
  4. classic items never go on sale, the more seasonal and trendy items are the ones that you find in off Saks, Saks and NM (during sales season).
  5. whats that mean sale season
    what time of the yEAR is that
    cuz i went to the saks outlet at sawgrass mills in florida and didnt see any chanel or gucci or burberry just mostly ann klien tommy hilfigure
    and they didnt really have sandals this was in agust 2006
  6. it depends on the store at saks outlet. some will carry it while others wont. u will never find cambon or a classic flap at saks outlet. u might find like a charmed makeup case or something small
  7. oh thanks girls for the info
  8. :d