Is there any difference between the strap length on the large and small multipockets?

  1. From what I have read and measured on my large multipocket, the length on the strap of both bags is 15 inches. Can anyone verify this by their own measurements? I don't have a small mp, so was wondering about the differences between the two bags. As far as I can tell, the only difference is the dimensions of the bag itself, and the pockets on the ends.

    Does anyone own both? What do you like/dislike about each? I have the large, and really love it! I am thinking of a small for some variety, though....

    Thanks all!
  2. :yes: I also have a large and the strap is about 15 inches. I always thought that the small did have a smaller strap. When I tried on both I found the large to fit much more easily over the shoulder so my impression is that the large has a longer strap. But it could be the fact that the large slouches down more than the small one.

    I tend to carry a lot of stuff so I actually prefer the large to the small. I have tried both and I found that the large one fit everything I need. :yes: Although I admit I like the look of the small one.
  3. I have a small. I tried on both bags and chose the small. It seems like there is a length difference in the strap because the opening is different, but maybe not. :shrugs:
  4. sorry to interrupt!

    so are there more or less pockets in the large MP vs. the smaller mp? i thought the # and location of the pockets were the same.

    i only know that large MP is obviously larger and has 4 feet at the base. ;)
  5. They both have 4 pockets and in the same general area.
  6. Thank you for answering me! Maybe it seems like the large strap is longer because of the way it hangs? All of the measurements I've seen indicate that both straps are around 15 inches. Interesting....