is there any Chloe outlet?

  1. I want to know if there is any Chloe outlet. I don't have too much money to buy thier bags. ><
  2. please tell me.........Thank you very much.....
  3. i have never heard one..but if they have, I'd go there!LOL
  4. Outlet? Never heard of it. But Chloé goes on sale sometimes. :yes: At least in europe? Where do you come from?
  5. i havent heard of any chloe outlet yet, wish there's one...
  6. I don't believe there is a Chloe outlet, but Chloes go on sale aaaaaalll the time (Dec and June).
  7. And there's always bargains to be had on eBay..... just make sure you run them past the hugely knowledgeable girls on the "Authenticate this" thread :graucho:
  8. thank you for your replies. I am from US. I don't like to buy bags on eBay becasue I got scammed once. Terrible experience! Thank you for all your answers!!!!:yes: