is there any chanel that you feel

  1. is "underpriced" relative to the entire chanel collection? ( and hence make it a good deal for what it's worth)...similary, is there one that you think is over priced?
  2. I say the original leather coco cabas is quite reasonable for how much leather you get. I am not going to say underpriced because the bag is $1K+ which is crazy for a bag if you ask a normal person lol, but to me for what you get it is on the cheaper side.

    Overpriced- wise, I say that the new charm bags are wayyy too much for what they are. I wonder how much it actually costed Chanel to produce all those little charms.
  3. IMO, the best "deals" USED to be the classic caviar Chanels like the Grand Shopping Tote and the Medallion Tote. They were about $1500-1600 before the price increase, but now I think they're about $1950. :sad:
  4. None *sigh"
  5. I don't think anything is underpriced at all. All of my Chanel bags are well over 1000K.
  6. ^^^definitely !:yes:

    I think a bunch are overpriced...can't specifically name only one right now:shame:
  7. I think, as Amanda once put it, the GST is the "most Chanel for the money." It seems a little underpriced relative to other bags.
  8. You can come across some costume jewelry that is fairly reasonable or sometimes seems "underpriced." ..but then again there are more instances where they seem "outrageously over priced" but you can't help it b/c you want it so you *gulp* buy it anyways! hehe

    I thought the Cambon line was pretty reasonable in pricing.
  9. I would say the opposite...i think there are some that are overpriced...i don;t think there are any that are underpriced
  10. I think everything is pretty expensive now especially with the price increase. That being said, I consider the outdoor ligne and diamond stitch bags as more "reasonably" priced compared to the others. You can get one for under $2k...woohoo! :sweatdrop:
  11. I wouldn't say anything is underpriced, but the diamond stitch and cabas bags are reasonable compared to other bags. I would say some of the new stlyes are a little more than they should be. The Paris-Biarttz is ridiculas for nonleather.
  12. For me every Chanel piece is a big investment....I don't regard any as under-priced (as I do believe there are other high-end luxury brands out there with better quality leather bags priced a lot lower, e.g. Lanvin). BUT **comparatively speaking** I'd say GST/PST and Ultimate Soft are reasonably priced....within the Chanel realm that is. Also the Cerf Tote.
  13. The GST is reasonably priced but I'd say my overall best buy from Chanel was my Valentine Hobo from last's small but was only $525!
  14. None are necessarily underpriced but compared to the rest of the collection I would say the Diamond Stitch totes, especially the Large tote which is only $125 more than the smaller version and was huge, practical, beautiful leather. And GST before price increase.
  15. Heck No! I would never say any Chanel is underpriced. I think all of the prices are absolutely ridiculous, but for some twisted reason I can somehow justifiy spending that kind of money on a designer handbag. I tell myself it's because of the quality, the beauty, the name, the fact that most are hand-made, etc, and I actually believe it. But I could never convince myself that they are underpriced.

    I think it's also sad that when I saw the price of the Diamond Stitch, I thought "Wow, that's a great price!" How can anything over $1,500, or even $1,000 for that matter, ever be a 'great price'. And to boot, when I spent $2,100 on my Luxury Bowler, I thought it was worth every penny. I never even felt one ounce of guilt, even though I know that money could have been more wisely spent, say on such things as RENT or maybe CAR PAYMENTS!