Is there any chance

  1. I could win an authentic, well cared-for Birkin on eBay for under $1500?

    I am sooo unfamiliar with Hermes, but I see some of them going for thousands and thousands. I don't need anything crazy... I'm just dying to get my hands on my first one!

    Am I out of my mind for even considering it?
  2. LOVE'emall.................Welcome, welcome, welcome.

    To be very honest with you, you won't find an authentic Birkin offered with that starting price on eBay.........Pricing in the stores begin at about $6,800.00 before tax. And then you're lucky to find one sitting on the shelves. So, when they get to eBay they're going to be selling with a premium.....even used. :shame:
  3. Hi Love'em...
    Sorry to burst your bubble here but the chances of you winning a Birkin for USD 1500 are nil.
    The thing is that you'd probably spend a lot of cash on a piece of sh*t (sorry for the language but that is what it really is). For USD 1500 you CAN get an authentic Hermes bag, such as a Picotin or an Evelyne, but not a Birkin.
  4. I was afraid of that.:crybaby:

    Off to sell one of my kids....
  5. LOL!!!!!! Listen, mine is a teen and there have been times I've really WANTED to sell her!!!!! Seriously!!!!!
  6. oh shopmom....LOL:roflmfao: :jammin: