Is there any chance in finding a metallic first anywhere?

  1. I'd like to have a silver (pewter) first to use as an evening bag. Are those long gone from stores? anyone know where one might be? also for the metallics in neutral, is the only color available pewter or is there a brighter silver or even a gold?
    Sorry bbag novice--although I own several, I truthfully don't know too much about them...just that i love how they look!
    thanks so much bbag girls!
  2. Metallic firsts seem to show up on eBay reasonably often. Besides the gunmetal grey metallic pewter, there is silver (not gold), and also bronze. I'd love the bronze in a city or twiggy:love:. Keep your eye out on Achtung. I seem to remember more than one pewter first in recent months. Good luck! I love the metallics!
  3. Thanks so much! so it looks like my only option is resale because the metallics are from past seasons only?
  4. Rocker, go get the one on eBay!!!!!!
  5. yep. balenciaga issues certain colors each season, for that season only (except for black and white, which are continuous). eBay is your best friend! if you see something there, post the link on the authenticate this thread, and the resident experts will let you know if it's legit.
  6. AHH I love it!!!
  7. I have the metallic silver first and I rarely use it except when I am going out. I love the leather on my bag and it has this shinny beigy tone to the metallic silver.
  8. rocker, did you get the one on eBay??

    I have an 04 Pewter First and totally love it!! :heart: The leather is sooooo soft and the color rocks!!! (pun intended LOL):rochard: