Is there any chance at all of organizing a bespoke for an apple green I'm Yours?

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  1. I realize with the fall offerings, most people's money is going towards those bags, but Contessa's avatar has sparked a crazy lemming for this bag. Anyone else interested?
  2. Contessa's avatar was for an all python version of it I think (but I could be wrong!).
  3. Yes avatar is indeed the ALL Python model of the apple green IY and it's VERY tempting......but the price is :wtf:

    Gorgeous though. I LOVE the IY style......if I needed another black bag, I'd most definitely order the IY in black/black python with silver hw.
  4. Well, it wouldn't be for a python version. Not really a snakeskin fan myself.
  5. I haven't posted in awhile, hope you guys have been doing well! Circoit, if I just didn't turn down an extremely high paying sales job in Seattle to move back home, live with my parents, and go back to grad school, I'D SOOOO BE IN on this. Contessa's avatar made my jaw drop. Sigh. Guess I'll have to wait a few years to buy more bags unless they're on sale..........which makes me super sad because I've been dying to get a black crash LM!:sad:
  6. Although the pic is an all python version, I think it does give a really good idea of what an apple green IY looks like nevertheless, and it looks fab!!!

    Unfortunately, I am on an indefinite bag ban. :crybaby:

    But I love the bag and the colour!
  7. Here's the full size pic's SO gorgeous.....

  8. gorgeous! It looks a brighter green than the regular apple green leather (at least to me)
  9. I noticed that bag this morning. Gorgeous! I just love the color green. Contessa - you always have great taste.
  10. I would be up for apple green!
  11. Unfortunately, I'll have to pass on this one, as I have the LMM coming in Apple Green Glossy and ordered my "must-have" Fall bags.

    I've got to get on hubby to insist on a good promotion with a really nice raise!!! :devil:
  12. I just posted on the other thread....should the LMM Fuschia bespoke be crushed (along with my dreams) then I would jump onto this bandwagon quite easily. I love the IY and that colour is gorgeous. Unfortunately, I can't do both. So can you put me down for a maybe and if it comes to the crunch I will have to make up my mind quickly. :sweatdrop:
  13. Sure Iccsue! Its tough organizing these end of season bespokes, isn't it?
  14. Circoit, I am interested, are the special orders the same price?
  15. No kidding....