Is there any black glazed E/W Modern Chain Tote?

  1. After looking at the N/S Modern Chain Tote posted in other thread, i started drooling over the E/W Modern Chain Tote!!! :drool: Can anyone of u post the pic for me to see again? I remembered i saw it somewhere before, but can't find it now...

    How much is the E/W Modern Chain Tote black glazed calfskin?

    Thanks a lot!!! :smile::smile:
  2. i think its like 2700-ish
  3. me too.. I want to find one too!..
    wow.. $2700?? a little over budget for me!

    thanks, CHanelfans!
    hee hee!
  4. so expensive???? is there any pic to show?
  5. I just got a brown glazed calfskin e/w modern chain tote, but it is going back because e/w doesn't look good on me. I want to get a n/s!! The e/w was $2700.
  6. ^^Wow, $2700. Last season they were $2225. BIG increase!
  7. I already have an e/w in black and After seeing how stunning Jenn looks with her n/s I want one too.
    I haven't seen the brown glazed - how do you like it?
  8. I have pre-ordered a E/W black Modern Chain tote from my SA, but the price is $2750???

    Can someone post the pic of E/W black MC tote for me to take a look? The SA said the bag won't arrive in next few days.
  9. Berlin has it. Check berlin's thread.. I think the HK boutiques got it?? I'm not quite sure...
  10. Is the size of the new MC tote same as those posted in reference library?
  11. I tried on the glazed calfskin bag and it was TDF and i still regret not getting it:crybaby:
  12. I think this is the bag that's available at the Chanel boutique in Tysons Corner. It's $2750. You can call and ask for Indra--she just sent me a picture of it to my phone (if i could figure out how to download the picture I would post it here!).