Is there any Beige Caviar Jumbo SHW left for me?

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  1. Hi!

    Desperately seeking a Beige Caviar Jumbo with SHW...So hard to get it before the price increase.

    Ready to BUY!!!
  2. which shade r u looking for? NM in VA and DC have quite a few...give them a call
  3. sorry most of them are lambskin but i spotted a caviar in the VA store...i considered getting one too but i changed my mind. gl!
  4. Neiman Marcus still has some, but I'm not sure when the price increase goes into effect.
  5. Try BG!
  6. BG had several beige flaps but I'm not sure what size.
  7. Has anyone see a biege? I tried BG but they only have it in Lambskin. I'm seeking a Caviar Jumbo...
  8. If you are still looking please call Seamus with Saks in Chevy Chase, Md. There were a few beige jumbos with shw left.