Is there any Azur wallet???

  1. I want to buy small azur wallet for just wondering is there any wallet in Azur line except koala,french purse and zippy organizer??
    I need to get billfold and saw someone put picture on here last time..But i can't fine in Vuitton website and e-luxury....:confused1::confused1::shrugs:
    Does anyone know if there is any????
  2. Yep!! There is the billfold but it's not on the 2 sites yet. I saw it in stores the other day! It's really cute!
  3. yeah, there's a billfold :yes:
  4. Is that a billdfold with a coin pocket one or without??? any other wallet other than billfold????
  5. ^with coin purse:yes: Eluxury has it!!!
  6. Yea~I saw that (the one with a coin pocket)IRL, super cute!!!
  7. YAY!!! I want one, but without the pocket. :sad:
  8. ^Well you could store the less-frequently-used cards in the coin pocket...
  9.'s such a good idea! Thank you!