Is there another name for my new Chanel?

  1. The ticket says "classic bag with flap" - there must be another descriptive name!!

    I got this bag yesterday in exchange for my baby Coco Cabas. My Cabas had all the threads come loose and when I excanged it for a new one, I was afraid to use it because I was paranoid it would happen again - so I just swapped it for a bag I would actually use. This struck me as a beautiful bag that would transition nicely from day to evening. Also, the CC's in patent look very sharp IMO. TIA for your ideas.
    Resized Chanel 1.jpg Chanel resized 2.jpg
  2. Is that the new Modern Chain flap?
  3. i think that's the new modern chain flap
  4. Thanks ladies - I guess that clinches it! I had no idea!!!!
  5. wow! that bag looks great!
  6. Oh it's cute! It looks like the chain will be much lighter than the metal version. :tup:
  7. I love the new MC's and I am not sure if the flap has been recalled for this ligne but the E/W tote was recalled. I had to take mine back because the chain was coming apart which was a total bummer because I loved how light it was. Hopefully, you won't have the same problem. Enjoy!
  8. Its gorgeous, by any name ;)

    congratulations :biggrin:
  9. congrats! Enjoy!
  10. The black on black is very stunning.. enjoy her!
  11. OMG - Recall? please say it isn't so!!! Am I going to have to worry about the fragility of this one too?
  12. I loved this bag, bought it and had to return it because the chain was defective.....hope yours is it still :heart:H
  13. I am getting sick - I just returned a defective Chanel and I picked another one with a problem? This can't be happening !! I can't go back to that boutique again - OMG -

    Habanerita, Did you exchange it for another Chanel? - Did you buy it at Merrick or Bal Harbour?? Tks.
  14. No, I did not exchange it, I returned it. It was definitely defective and probably had been returned., I bought it in N.Y. on my last trip there and they took it back with no problems, but Suzy, maybe yours is not defective. I was upset because I loved the bag
    and I thought maybe whoever might have returned it mistreated it.,but I don't know what happened., I have never had a problem with a Chanel bag before. They offered to have it fixed but I declined.:heart:H
  15. Suzy, maybe you should go back and tell them that you are aware that there has been a recall on certain bags from that line and that you are aware of problems with the chain, and ask them to research for you if the flap has been recalled or if they have had problems with returns for the chain breaking.....put them on notice that if you have a problem you will ask for a full refund.....:heart:H