Is there another color as "cameleon" as ink, pics ?

  1. I love how the color varies in diffrent lightning. The bluish, purple is just so amazing. I was wondering if there was another color as cameleon as ink...?
  2. how about magenta? and also i have a dark coffee from '02 that looks black in certain indoor light, but under the sun it's dark brown
  3. i think that most bbag blues are chameleon-ish. ink of course, blue india as we've seen in many photos, and from my own experience, the navy is also chameleon like. it's the purse equivalent of a mood ring!
  4. A Balenciaga mood ring nice. I'm in the mood for Balenciaga :lol: ...but since I already have one blue tone I was more thinking of ....:?:
  5. GREIGE. Huge chameleon.
  6. I agree!! I love this color because of how it changes in both lighting and with whatever you put it up against! Great color.
  7. What colors would you say are in it? gray/beige as in it's name ?
  8. I asked for one with more beige tones and that is what I got. It really changes in different lighting situations. Mine varies from pale solid beige, beige with a hint of gray, darker beige and on a cloudy day, once in a while it looks like a dove gray with beige tones. I really LOVE :heart: this color. It goes with everything. I think it is my favorite. Toss up between greige and white. I posted several pictures of my greige on the forum. I think I showed the differences in color according to varied lighting situations.