Is there an Outlet "look book?"


Aug 21, 2008
Eastern Iowa
So I'm sure we've all seen the SA's reach for the little white binder to check #'s and prices for the FOB's as they ring them up at the register?! I also remember recently reading a thread where a customer had her SA check the clearance stock for time pieces that were on sale! So my question is...

The white binder that the look the sku #'s and prices for FOB's up in, are they like an outlet reference book??? I'm wanting a Coach watch and my little outlet in NOwhere Iowa never has jewelry or shoes of anykind. (Thank goodness they're expanding this spring!) I want to inquire about item's at other stores, but I don't want to seem like a PITA!!! KWIM??

So, any info gal's??? I've got time because I won't be going til' my V-Day gift cards arrive (they're being sent elsewhere since a bag was recently stolen off my porch.) So, I know it'll be atleast the end of the week before I get my hands on them. I also heard that Thursday is the best day to go due to the SA's stocking shelves with goodies for the weekend!!!

TIA for any help you can provide!!!! :tup: