Tech Is there an online data storage company???

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  1. I have a VERY LARGE music collection about 300 gigs. Right now I store it all on an external hard drive. I back it up on a second external every few months. I was hoping that I could find an online site that I could upload a copy of my music just in case something happened to my house and both my hard drives were destroyed. Is there such a site? Of course I am looking for a place that is not super expensive.
  2. There are lots of them. I actually just got a free one year subscription with my new computer. So the service that I am using is specific to the brand of computer that I have (not that it matters).
    You might want to check out this link for some reviews. It's through, which is fairly reliable for computer reviews, etc.

  3. i just started using a couple months ago. it's only $5 per month.
    although it's for backing up your entire computer but i think you can specify certain folders only?
  4. Thanks!!!

    I need a site that I can store about 300 gigs worth of music.

    Most of them have lower storage space
  5. I believe Carbonite and Mozy both have unlimited space. But it's going to take a very long time to transfer 300 gigs
  6. I use Mozy. It is $4.95 a month for unlimited storage space. I chose this one because it was one of the few that let you backup external drives. I backup on a daily basis the files from my husbands and my computer to an external drive. Then every other day I let the online backup run overnight. Every few months I run into a glitch but once I engage Mozy support it is fixed in a day or two. Early on I did a few test restores of a few files and it was fine.

    One of the options for the backup is for faster computer of faster backup. I leave mine on faster backup which pretty much renders the computer unusable while the backup is running. It is fine since I let it run while I am asleep and I don't have it running from my primary computer. The external drive is connected to a secondary computer we have that doesn't get used much.

    Your initial backup will take forever, perhaps a week or more. I think we have about 187 GB backed up.

    Hope this helps.
  7. I use, it is simple to use and very secure. you just have to register and there you go.