Is there an online Coach Lookbook?

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  1. Any idea? I know has recent collections but I want to see the past seasons. I would love to see an online lookbook with names, colors, and style #.
  2. ohhhh I hope there is! That would be awesome! If someone knows, please post the link......:graucho:
  3. I think the wayback machine on the internet shows the past webpages on the Coach site.
  4. thanks^ on my way to check them out!!
  5. there's another too, I think, that shows photos of everything
  6. shux, wouldn't let me in...
  7. Thanks for the link. That site was very interested to look through. There was so many things on there that I had no idea that Coach even made. I was really surprised to see Ball Caps and Bikinis on there because, someone once told me that Coach never made those 2 things so, I just always thought that the ones I seen for sale online were fake.


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  8. I always have trouble with the "Wayback machine" site but the Rakuten site link that T-girl posted was pretty good for pics and style numbers for the fairly recent stuff.

    The Leftfield site only let me see Coach leather cleaner for some reason. :confused1:
    No thanks, I dont want anything to do with that product! :wtf:
  9. Its not working for me :sad:
  10. The leftfield site takes ages to load if you don't have DSL or faster internet. The first page does only have the cleaner on it, but if you scroll all the way to the bottom you'll see:

    Count: 100 NEXT

    If you hit next, it goes to the next 100 items (Coach items number from 1000 up to 99999). If you change the number 100 to 10000, it will show the next 10000 images instead of just the next 100. Again, be warned that it will take a long time to load (about 5 minutes for me to load 10000 images). Not every number is used by Coach, so there will be skipping in the pictures.
  11. Saw this on the leftfield site:


    Anyone know what it is and what the style # is?
  12. Those sites are terrific, thanks so much for posting!