Is there an LV store in Vancouver?

  1. Where is it? How about other designers? Where do people shop?

    Where are the good suburbs in Vancouver? How's the lifestyle over there? Are people fashionable? I'm thinking of migrating as Australia is getting insanely expansive.

    sorry for the million mile long question.
  2. Per the Le Catalogue:

    Hotel Vancouver
    730 Burrard Street
  3. On the main LV site:

    Louis Vuitton Holt Renfrew Vancouver
    633 Granville Street

    and the Hotel Vancouver location as Michelle stated
  4. The LV store is in the lobby of the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver. It is across the street from Tiffany's and Hermes and Coach. There is also a Gucci store in the lobby of the Hotel. There are lots of designer stores like Versace and Chanel. I don't live there so I can't comment on the lifestyle there. I like to visit 2 to 3 times a year and SHOP!:yahoo:

  5. Hehe. The Le Catalogue I keep at my computer desk is the older version. Sorry about that! :smile:
  6. I love Vancouver. Louis Vuitton at Hotel Vancouver is a favorite store of mine. Oh ya, fyi starbucks on every corner, literally, incase you like starbucks. ;) :cool:
  7. Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal are all the major fashion centers in Canada. People are very fashionable from what I remember when I was young, about 10-15 years ago. There's a LOT of shopping going on! not just clothing, but also the FOOD and lil junkie toys :drool: lol Yup those are the only 3 things I liked there. Other goodies: boxing day was amazing you get like a Sony 50inch TV for 100$ (but you gotta wake up at 3am in the morning to be the 1st in line lol) ummm another thing i liked doing at the beach was catching crabs

    Some of the not-so-brilliant things are: (1) you're bathed in rain for like 1/2 the year, (2) it's cold...(3) houses are expensive... I don't remember where exactly but I think it was North Vancouver? ummm...they go easily up in the millions

    Should you migrate over? ughhh... your choice! :yes: but I wouldn't go back again for personal reasons.....*shudders*
  8. Thanks, ladies/gentlemen (John). Sorry for the wrong location for the thread. I've got no idea where to post it. Thanks guys.
  9. ^^^ You're welcome! :smile:

    and it's cool! No need to apologize. ;)
  10. I'm from Vancouver and I think its the best place to live. ;)
  11. Im from vancouver too...vancouver is a great place to live! But buying designer item is more expensive compare to US ..we have to pay 13% tax and we dont have much sales promotion and choices !! Well...there is a place called hotel vancouver! Inside it has LV and Gucci...across the street there is Hermes, Tiffany and also there is another department store called Holt Renfrew kinda of like Saks sells different designer item. In Holt Renfrew there is LV, Gucci, Dior, Chloe, MJ, Fendi, and etc..!! Hope this helps!!
  12. I was at Dundarave beach in West Vancouver today and it was so beautiful on the pier!
  13. I live in downtown Vancouver and I am quite happy here, of course I was born and raised in British Columbia. I heard that Aus is a lot like here in terms of attitude and lifestyle, but of course it rains a lot here, so that could be a downside! The city is quite safe for the most part and the fashion scene is catching up to Toronto and Montreal, although we are still miles behind NY and Europe. But anyway, Vancouver is beautiful, there are trees and mountains and beaches and the air is clean, plus the LV store downtown is very nice! There's another one in Holt Renfrew, but it's smaller. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions about Vancouver or the suburbs!
  14. Vancouver is a wonderful place to live! We do get a lot of rain, but it is definetely not half a year! We hardly ever get snow and when it does, it's only a few inches and then its gone a few days later. Food is plentiful. People are diverse. You could easily find yourself going up to Whistler or Seymour for some snowboarding or hiking. Then find yourself taking a stroll by the beach in Kits or White Rock on the same day. Vancouver even has a beach downtown, what more would you want?

    Shopping in Vancouver is lots of fun too. Downtown has lots of stores, as many have mentioned above. There are loads of malls outside of downtown too, such as Metropolis and Richmond Centre. AND we're getting an H&M in Coquitlam Centre(about an half hour outside of downtown, this will only be the second store in Canada). Also, if you are willing to drive, there are loads of shopping outlets just south of Vancouver and north of Seattle. Including a Coach and Burberry outlet (that's if you're interested in a few good deals).
  15. Don't forget Wreck beach, where you can sun your bare bottom! :graucho: