Is there an LV store in Cherry Hill NJ?

  1. Hi, I live at Northeast Philadelphia and normally get my bags from Bala Cynwid (Saks) or the boutique at King of Prussia. I have read in a couple places about people getting their Louis vuittons at Cherry Hills NJ (wich is closer to me) but when I search at the LV site I can't find any location in the area. NJ stores are at the north close to NY (exept the one in Atlantic City). If someone knows about an LV store in central NJ please let me know. :s Thanks

    I just found this :confused1:
  2. I don't think so. I assumed the closest was KoP.

    If there is, I'm in trouble over the holidays....
  3. Well I wished there could be one around that area. I'll be happy to get in trouble for an LV :yes: