Is there an LV item that isn't worth the $ to you?

  1. I think for me, it's the (gorgeous) keychains. Even on eBay, they are crazy expensive. Not the same with scarves though, so I order LV (and other designer) scarves on eBay to accessorize my bags. I would likely buy a scarf in-store before I bought a keychain.

    Also, the vernis Alma and Brea bags. I always admire them on other people, but they are too flashy for me, personally, and I wouldn't spend the money on them. Vernis accessories, however, are very appealing and worth it to me!

  2. I used to feel that way about the SLGs, but after acquiring a few I've changed my tune.

    I guess now it would have to be the keychains too, although when I was in the store recently I was admiring them more than I normally would...
  3. I agree about the keychains -- I am having trouble justifying that kind of money for one. That doesn't stop me from wanting one or more of them, though!
  4. U know what? I agree with u completely and if asked that would have been the same bags and accessories I would have said! I LOVE the bee charm but can't justify cost. Add to the fact that I freak if one is going to scratch up hardware or leather and I haven't bought any yet. I want to put then say well that could b more saved up on a new bag.

    And vernis. Patent leather? Color transfer and marks that won't come out? No thanks.
  5. probably bag charms/keychains for me -- although I do love them!!
  6. Sunglasses.
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  7. :amazed::amazed:
    Me too! They are so pretty. I remember back in my Coach days, I would buy the keychains and then feel weird about it because they were so pricey. Welcome to LV, geez! And keychains get so beat up. Not good.
  8. Right now I do feel that way about SLGs. Then again, I don't have any. :graucho: I also feel that way about keychains.
  9. I feel like that about the keychains, I think they're adorable, but I'd rather put that sum towards a new bag!
  10. Bag charms and bandeaus. To me, they feel too little girl-ish, like playing dress-up, and I feel they distract from the main attraction - the bag - which is expensive enough on it's own!
  11. The sunglasses & bag charms. As cute as they are, I'd rather put the $ towards a bag. Also as beautiful as the bandeaus are for decorating bags etc, it's just not my thing~ no offense.
  12. I used to feel that way about charms, and then I saw the bee charm - for me, it was like getting jewelry. I think you have to find the right charm to fall in love, and certainly see them in person. They have a big "wow" factor in person. LV really has a unique market going with their charms that is unmatched, to me.
  13. +1
  14. the bag charms.... like everyone else i still want one tho
  15. Keychains and bag charms for me as well. However, last year I gave my DH keychain for his birthday. After he used it for a white, he said its well worth the money. I don't change my keychain so I normally use one until it breaks. My last Gucci lasted me almost 10 years. My current one is on its 8th year. Maybe it's time to consider a LV keychain.
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