Is there an LV boutique at the Amsterdam Airport?

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  1. And if so, is it decent? We are going to Germany this September and also traveling to Austria and Switzerland. Then on to Amsterdam for a couple days before flying home from there. I just though it would be the easiest to pick up something at the airport instead of hauling it all over.

    Am I correct to think there's one?
  2. I don't believe there is one in the Amsterdam airport. Anyone please correct me if I am wrong...I'm always on the lookout for LV boutiques in airports.

    If you have the chance to route your flight through London, Heathrow airport has a nice LV boutique in terminal 5. I haven't visited since Brexit (which reminds me I need to find a trip soon to take advantage of the current exchange rate ;), but the prices at the LV boutique in airport are 20% off due to VAT if traveling to US and overall tend to be ~30% cheaper (pre-Brexit). For example, an LV neverfull comes out to ~$840 USD at heathrow boutique
  3. I believe you're right. I've been looking on google and see nothing at the airport. too late to change our airline tickets at this point. I guess I'll try to research the shops in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Amsterdam. We'll be in southern Germany, starting in Munich. I hate NOT to buy something since it's so much cheaper there but I also hate to lug a box around with me.
  4. There are almost none luxury boutiqurs at Schiphol, except for Gassan Diamonds. Unfortunately, you will fine no lv/chanel etc at the airport at Amsterdam.
  5. Ditch the box.
  6. Is that ok? I thought when coming back through customs it needed to be new and in the box? Dustbag is ok then?
  7. Do you plan on paying taxes on the item when you reenter the US?
  8. Well, I always report it on my customs form when I return but I've never been asked to pay. One never knows tho. I find honesty is the best policy coming thru customs.
  9. I don't remember if LV is there, I've only seen Hermes, BV and Gucci in Schiphol last May.
  10. I was there last year and there isn't an LV store in that airport. Regarding the boxes, I've ditched them but then again, I struggle with storing them. I couldn't bring myself to ditch my Chanel box (just too beautiful) so I put that box in my suitcase and filled it with my smaller items, clothing etc. I carry all my purchases as carry on since I'm paranoid. BTW isn't the new LV box collapsible?
  11. There is one in center town very close to the station, though (inside a department store), in case you have time to get there?