Is there an Ivory Pochette Accessories?

  1. TIA!!! If there is, I realllllllllllllllly want it!!:p :yahoo: :heart:
  2. There's the Montaigne Clutch which comes in Ivoire and features an s-lock. It retails for about $700 and can be found at Louis Vuitton's website.
  3. Thanks! :smile:
  4. And it's pretty! I'm thinking of getting it!
  5. Yep, there is no regular pochette. The only one is the Ivoire Clutch Montaigne. I saw it IRL, it's TDF. The strap is adjustable and the silver lock totally stands out on the Ivoire leather. The leather attached with the closure lock is smooth leather (no lines), so the rest of the bag is EPI leather with lines.:tender:I'd added it in my wishlist!!!
  6. oh darn

    my mom was just asking me today if i could find her a white small purse....and i thought of the epi pochette in the new color

    too bad it's not available *sigh*

    anyone know if it will be coming out?
  7. There are some great modeling photos of the Ivoire Clutch Montaigne on the Visual Aids thread posted today. Makes me want one now!
  8. After RACH.RACH posted pics of her new Montaigne clutch, I want the exact one too! :nuts: