Is there an ivory/cream jumbo w/ old chain?

  1. Does this exist? I know about the new ivory w/ the new chain but is there one w/ the old chain.
    Not "Chanel" beige but ivory/cream?

  2. This color but w/ the old chain?? (got the pic from the reference library)

    I just got this bag and I'm wondering if I would prefer the old chain if its available??

  3. i'm pretty sure it does come in the old chain... if i'm not mistaken Luccibag (i could be wrong though!) has a few cream classic flaps with the old chain straps!
  4. Iluvbags - is that ivory or true white? I've been looking for the right shade of not-quite-white for a while, but not necessarily a classic flap. Beaufiful bag...

  5. the name that the SA called it was "dark white"

    I love the color but before I decide to keep it I want to see if its comes i the old chain:tup:
  6. Of late the only truly cream that I've seen (not beige and not stark white) is the perforated bag. It was a jumbo with the old chain. The color was beautiful; I know a lot of folks aren't thrilled with the perf line but the color was creamy and luscious looking.
  7. I have a light beige (which is a creamy color) jumbo with the old chain, but it was purchased a long time ago. :smile: I'm sure an SA can track down the bag you have with the old chain though... good luck! :smile:
  8. Do you have a pic of yours??:smile:
  9. ivory
  10. I suspected it was that one. thanks. How long ago did you get yours Lucci??
  11. I think this was from 2 years ago. I was in Paris last may and they had only a few left. I dont think its around any more. I think the box says clair beige.

  12. Is this from the current or fall collection? Cos I asked my SA and she mentioned there isn't any white in current season.

    I'm looking for a white caviar medium flap with classic CC lock and interwoven (old classic) chain. She showed me a catalog for Fall, I'm wondering is it the same as yours?
  13. Luccibag, I love your clair beige jumbo. It's gorgeous. I wish I can get that one.
  14. Thanks Katie123.

    Here is a pic that shows the "white east west", which is not all that white. Its an off white compared to my WHITE jumbo.
  15. the dark wihite is current. Its came out around the same time as the new red w/ the new chain.